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Originally Posted by Jordan View Post
What are they supposed to do? Make more pretty body kits no one can afford? They already make a great mech gun. Short of releasing a factory pneumatic trigger setup, which wouldn't be allowed in a tourney, they have no other venue to explore.
There are many possibilities.

1) plug the current air in hole in the valve, create a spacer that goes in between the valve chamber and the regulator half that allows air to get into the valve from a below point like a modern day spool gun.

2) this would allow hose less no macro line designs, and would allow all valves on the market to still be used.

3) using GRN create a a clam shell vert feed, super light, macro less, bad *** space gun body to slap the old new modded valve in. Then create a clam shell tactical mag fed swat team body to slap the old new modded valve in.

4) sell drop in modular trigger sets, ULE, RT, Phenu ect. For them.

5) Proffit and smile as a new generation of maggots rises out of the ancient mud

There is a TON of life left in the automag, just got a try to see outside of 1996.

Despite all these new mech guns hitting the market none of them have any way to prevent ball chopping except the automag.
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