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Originally Posted by Intensed View Post
This gun that I found I purchased in 1996, I thought I lost it. Found it cleaning around the house. I'm curious to what I own because I can not find any pictures online matching this striker that has been identified on this forum and by Craig.
-The reason you don't see many pictures is that not many were made (a few hundred Strokers, in all, I think?) and they were all custom ordered and custom made.

A "Stroker" conversion is simply adding what later became known as Typhoon pneumatics to a Sheridan/PMI pump gun, in order to convert it to semiautomatic.

Palmer's could build a Stroker out of almost any Sheridan pump- a PGP, a P-68, P68-DF, Piranha, Piranha long barrel, P-68-AT, P-68-SC, P-68 Magnum, etc, ad nauseum.

And besides the different versions of the base gun, Palmers themselves offered a wide range of options, even back in the 90s. Vertical ASA or back-bottle, Wedgits, barrel porting, sight rails, custom foregrips, etc.

What you have, specifically, is kind of hard to tell, mainly because the lower tube appears too short for the barrel length. If it were a Piranha LB or PMI-II, the lower tube should be a couple of inches longer.

The barrel could have been replaced, but it still has the bolt locking ball holes (which Palmer's wouldn't have machined) and a factory PMI feed neck- Palmer's replacement feed tubes are different.

Also, it's not a Piranha or any model that had a back bottle, as the lower tube at the rear isn't drilled for the extra support screws for the back-bottle ASA. So it started life as a 12-gram, direct-feed gun.

Meaning, most likely, a PMI-1, I think?

The barrel length discrepancy could be attributed to Palmers having cut back the tube somewhat- either by necessity (damaged threads, perhaps) or by request (whoever ordered the gun may have wanted it shorter to look more like an Annihilator, or something.)

The Stroker conversion is pretty typical- single trigger, Battle Handle grips, vertical ASA. I'd be curious to see the other side of the gun- you appear to be missing the ball detent. (There's a faint rust stain on the barrel, just ahead of the feed neck, showing where it clipped on. Plamer's will have replacements.)

The foregrip was one of the standard options- the gun likely had that Delrin PGP-sized pump handle on it when converted, and Palmer's just throws a setscrew in them to lock 'em in place for a grip. Another option would have been a 68-Special foregrip, which most owners thought looked cooler, but added like $60 to the cost of the mod.

Further, I can tell you that my own personal Stroker, built off a Piranha Long Barrel, was modded, completed and shipped back to me right around May of 1996. It has a serial number of 1551, so depending on how many Strokers Palmer's made that year, your gun was almost definitely made sometime in the latter half of 1996, possibly the early half of 1997.

And finally, if you're looking for a photo of a similar Stroker, you need look no further than my Paintball Guns In The Movies page, specifically under the listing for the 2003 Michael Douglas film In-Laws.

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