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FSR Capable, Bottom-Loaded Magfed Automag Project

After having recently and successfully DAM’d a Hammer 7 (thanks to Aggroman), I now have a slightly more ambitious idea: to build a magfed Automag. I’ve daydreamed quite a bit over the years on how a traditionally magazine fed Mag could be accomplished. Plus, I already own, I don’t know, like 8 or 9 Automags along with lots of extra AGD parts, so why not give it a try? That said, I have 3 very specific requirements that I’ve set for this project:

1. Must accept magazines that load up vertically into the bottom of the gun. No Bren or Sten style configurations.
2. Must be First Strike Round capable.
3. Must feed every last round from the magazine.

Here’s a quick mock-up of what I plan to build:

Yes, those are hex wrenches standing in for what will be the trigger and trigger guard.

To meet these requirements, some serious work will need to be done:
- Grind out a D-shaped hole thru bottom of main body and Doc’s adapter.
- Move frame all the way back to the end of the rail.
- Remove trigger from frame.
- Remove trigger rod assembly from sear elbow.
- Fasten a trigger directly to the bottom of the sear elbow, which should poke right down into the frame’s trigger guard.
- Chop off the front 3” of the AM/MM rail (more if an RTP rail is used).
- Drill/tap the body, frame, and magwell as needed to bolt them all together.
- Grind down any bolt tips that extend into the main body’s inner diameter.

The tricky part will be getting the last round to feed in a bottom-loaded configuration. This means that the magazine must be very close to the breech, so simply bolting a magwell onto a rail with a D-shaped hole will not work. The rail must be cut away completely (maintaining structural integrity with so much of the rail missing will be a challenge) so that the magazine can get close enough for its follower to reach the bottom of the breech’s bore. A DAM magazine’s follower will reach the bottom of an automag’s breech if the top of the magazine is butted directly against the bottom of the main body (TiPX Trufeed magazine followers don’t extend nearly as far and would require a significant amount of the main body and twist-lock to be ground away) so DAM magazines seem to be a logical choice.

I know others have built their own magfed Automags in the past, but I’m unaware of any builds that satisfy all 3 of my previously stated requirements. Photobucket ruining the internet makes thorough research very difficult, though, so I’m sure there are more builds other than just the ones I’ve been able to find. If you know of any other magfed Automags out there, especially like the one I’m planning, share it below. I’d be very interested to check out what else has been done.

Here are some notable examples of magfed Automag builds that I’ve seen already:

Horizontal top feed zeta Automag:

Dead Cell horizontal left side feed posted by ventturei26 from MCB:

Vertical left side feed zeta Automag by GoatZilla:

FSR left feed revolver Automag by GoatZilla:
Not exactly magfed, but close enough. And super cool.

Sten style left side feed Automag posted by sQuidvision on AO:

DAM’d Automag by Virus and punisher068 on MCB:

TiPX’d Automag CAD mock-up posted by russc on MCB:

This beautiful design would’ve satisfied all 3 requirements, but unfortunately I don’t believe a prototype was ever built.

If you’ve made it this far, any words of caution or advice for this project would be greatly appreciated.
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