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I did 2 Automag builds with DAM magazines,my teammate did a slightly more successful one.That pic is my teammate Viruses build .We kind of Co built all three together.Oddly the other mentioned from venturii is my coworker and chainman at work.After seeing ours he took a stab at it himself with similar,unsatisfied results

I was never able to get mine to crono FSRS above 260,my teammates was successful at field crono speed
Let me tell you this was the biggest PITA mod I've ever done , not to discourage you,and have done more than a few customs
There's several issues you'll encounter
Sear activation-The most critical thing in the Mag.I ended up using a Winchester slide frame with a homemade slide extension.It worked fairly well and has 2 points of adjustment

Breech adapter- I used a Docs Cocker adapter.This solved 2 problems,how to cover the original feedneck hole &more options especially rifled barrels.Of course I had to cut the D shape for FSRS

How to secure the body-since the front retaining bolt on the stock rail and frame goes DIRECTLY where the feed needs to be in relation to the bolt I used a Automag sight rail and made an adapter so I could bolt it directly to the rail.I tapped holes in the rail for the fastners.I also cut a D shape thru the rail

Triggerframe mine was completely custom,it's hard to describe without pics.Mybteammate used a highly modded Cocker swing frame

Can't tell you how frustrating this build was.I came so close twice without a reliable finished project
When and if I revise it I'll definitely consider doing a PnueMag setup
Keep in mind my tooling only consists of basic power tools like a drill press and Dremmels and files and Mags are pretty close tolerance machines

Feel free to PM me with questions , I'd love to see someone successful build one.My teammates is almost there but it's a little too fragile for anything but a prototype
Good luck,hope you do better than I did
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