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Customer Service:

Originally when we got the frames I reached out to Renick expressed my issues and he told me to contact Amanda which i believe is Customer Service. Though it was kind of strange i had to contact her but did so. She asked what the issues were and i updated her accordingly expressed that we (3 of us) weren't happy with what we received and that I had spoken with Renick. She puts us in a group chat. Gathers our shipping info sends us prepaid labels to return the frames. In the conversation we missed exactly what we were sending back(Frame, screws, lug). Several if not all of us purchased the frame with a mini length timing rod option which was standard and all of us needed full length. It was missed in the panic to try and purchase the frame. The exchanged those aswell. Frames arrive and we were missing lugs and mounting screws. Contacted Amanda again got everything lined up and shipped us our items via standard letter envelope, which are sorted via machine. so my friends screws were lost and the lug was found by the post office and sent to him.

I feel like the whole thing ended up being a waste of time to get items back we originally had with the issues that were pointed out in probably 20+pictures. Had i known they didn't have any frames that were issue free i would have just kept my frame or maybe returned it.
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