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The frame itself:

Ensure that the supplied screw is not to long and is being hit by the hammer

I installed the frame on my meteor 2000, with inception front end and ccm hammer, aka bolt, cocking rod, and sidewinder.

I found the stock spring is very strong and I couldn't shoot for very long. I have done lots of reading, and asked the right people certain questions. Everyone has a different opinion it seems. I don't claim to be the cocker guy but i have had my hands on a few.

What the frame does do. It allows for a fast drop of the sear so the break is at the very front of the pull and the remainder of the pull is all 3way. This makes it so the trigger pull can be as short as you can get it but helps to eliminate the lug slipping over the sear. I have shot a few with the gunfighter frames and they seem to be very consistent in the trigger pull and difficult to short stroke. Similar to the inception designs trigger plate triangle but with out the clunky feeling. The trigger pull is stiff either way. some people are bragging about how short the trigger pull is but that the springs need to be this or that etc. I feel like this is more of a tinkerer's frame than many people expected. I think the average person thought they would drop the frame on adjust the timing in and boom super fast trigger pull and i feel that isn't the case.

Does it make it harder to short stroke than a standard slider: yes
Is it easy to pull long strings of paint: no
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