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Stock spring is super hard: difficult to pull regularly

Slightly lighter spring: easier to shoot but still not a nice smooth light slider feel

Lighter spring: Much lighter and easier to pull but has trigger reset issues. Not issues catching the lug but the trigger actually returning forward.

I have talked to several other people that have been messing with the frames and no one has found a setup that they actually loved besides maybe Ravi. I think the issue lies in 2 places. first that the return spring is in the middle of the lever and not on the end. Which means you have to have a stronger spring than if they put the spring on the end of the lever under the sear and used some kind of cup to catch the spring. The next issue i see is the trigger plate. They used a long piece of stainless that isn't polished. When you think about standard slider frames there are always 2 springs. The return spring and the sear spring. In this case there is only 1. That 1 spring is doing the work of 2 normal springs. I saw Docfire's video about someone releasing a delrin drop in trigger for this frame which i hope allows for the use of a lighter sear spring.

Things im going to try in the future to try and get the pull i want. standard light sear spring, delrin trigger plate, possibly shim the spring to increase the tension, swapping the trigger plate screws to nylon or brass tipped.
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