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I tried to write that based on fact and not on emotion or my experience through the whole thing. I know it took me awhile to post but i did want to wait until i got all of my things from shocktech and get some trigger time behind the frame.

all in all i think the idea behind the frame redesign is great. I feel like it was rushed to the market and didn't go through all of the checks. I think they should have moved the spring location, used a softer spring, another spring for the trigger plate and went for the consistent smooth pull. It would have been much easier for someone to pick up and say ya i can spend this and make it harder for me to short stroke and not lose that sweet smooth feel.

Having felt all of the different frames lately inception, meteor, shocktech. I would have a hard time pulling the trigger on this frame again if i just wanted something that goes bang. If your looking for a project and enjoy tinkering this may be the frame for you.
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