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I thought I saw the DAM’d Automag in one of your posts. Thanks for confirming. Original post above has been edited.

And that’s an interesting approach — modding the magazines so the followers extend further out. But yeah, I figure this build won’t be an easy one. You mentioned that your gun couldn’t chrono above 260. Any idea why? I can’t fathom a reason it would struggle to get up to proper velocity if the engine was kosher, especially with FSR. And in what other ways were the results of your builds unsatisfying? Was it all structural integrity? What about feed reliability and overall functionality?

I intend to leave the stock sear geometry alone for the most part. I’m only going to attach a trigger directly to the sear. I performed a quick test where I aired up an ULT’d mag without its frame (used a specially cut 10-32 bolt so that nothing was loose, of course) and it shot fine with me pulling the elbow of the sear as if it were a trigger.

To fasten the rail to the body, I will use multiple bolts on both sides of the sear slot where the two pieces meet in order to help preserve structural integrity as much as possible. Just gonna bolt the hell out of it.
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