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thats grease...
i just got my first mag too...nasty rt classic..
what i found with help from my buddy Zdlobik on here and others is...
the two springs in the reg adjust...are supposed to be covered in grease..i tore the whole marker down and cleaned every part.
there isnt a seal per say in an rt the ones i am used to..( a flat washer-ish urethane thing with a hole in it)
instead they are orings...urethane 90d to be exact. (i did do the rebuild using 90d bunas just to test it until the prescribed ones came in and they worked) 2 006's on the reg pin separated by the split washer.. ...008 under the brass keeper and another oo6 on top of that.
when i put it all back...i coated those springs in dow 55...i hope that works! i didnt wanna using any else.
the only "seal" i can gather from inside the reg adjust piston and it is "unserviceable" although i did find a vid of a guy taking one apart and rebuilding it...

Superman...made a good point...if Tom and adg wanted you to mess with it...they'd have made it so you could.

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