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Originally Posted by EL17E 76 View Post
from the other thread on the same thing...

11 joules - 425-ish FPS @ 1.25 gram weight .50paint - now it does say "up to" so possibly this one is adjustable? one would hope - doubt it though...seeing as the "latest" MCS "walther" is not adjustable without a teardown - and their "solution" was to tell their buyers - well since it isn't at field limits just shoot off the first clip then the FPS will lower to field legal limits....

yes, yes I know - a 3.3 gram FSr/.68paint @ 300FPS is 13.J - but unfortunately - until the US gets with the times and switches to both a metric system and updates their ASTM guidelines to go by Joules we are stuck with the FPS limits we have ...
Wait, so even though it's faster than 300 fps, it hits softer because it's 50 Cal? That's cool. I play mostly private woodsball, so if it's safe, I bet my buddies will let me use it, even if it's faster.
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