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1985. I was just coming out of a less-than-employed period, and my fried Chris Finley and I were sitting around trying to come up with some ideas to add some excitement to our lives:

"Wanna go....whitewater rafting?"


"Wanna go- bungee jumping?"


"Wanna go play paintball?"


We had seen a sign in the side of the road for a paintball field on Crane Canyon road in Sonoma County for 'Wargames", so we all loaded up and went out on a Wednesday night (I wish more fields did that, btw) and played until the sun went down.

The field was a cow pasture with lots of Oak trees, known as "The Mosquito Pit". The first hit I took was to my right kidney by my friend Bill Petre, whom I had just run past.

Had a great time, go covered with welts, no chono, no barrel plugs, no safe zone- no problem!

We went to the Roundtable Pizza Chris managed and had pizza and beer to celebrate.
Paintball is not any better for all its "Technology"
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