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A Canadian story... in the early 90s me and a buddy went to badlands and purchased cross man pistols that were in the ďused binĒ with 50 cal red paint. Played outlaw in any forest in the area. Few weeks later met the guy running the store and he asked us to come back to the store and talk about a new indoor field they were building. We got to play for free cause they didnít want us playing outlaw. We both started working at badlands and paintball city along with most of our friends for years. My buddy bought a tippman ultralite but I waited till I could afford the automag hanging on the wall with the chrome barrel and cooper t set up!! I would just use the rental guns until then. My buddy then got a cocker and we started a team and played lots local tourneys and into the states. Some of the best times ever were playing back then!! Team fell apart close to when sky ball started and basically took a break from anything paintball. Another friend of mine wanted to build a small outlaw field at his work and play weekends so we did. Played at that awesome field till 2004 when mostly all my gear got stolen. That was it.. I was done with paintball. I had a lot bad things going on in life and losing my gear that had been collected since the beginning was devastating. Couldnít bring myself to play anymore and certainly didnít want to buy new stuff. Fast forward to 2 years ago and my nephew been asking me to go play. Went back to badlands to buy a few items and learned of all the changes and some new ownerships. That started my research into paintball and found this forum. After the first time out in all those years felt like it always did!! Iím back in!! Thanks to places like this and used gear I have a bunch of guns and still enjoy the sport that really was a huge part of my life

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