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they are weired poeple at caswell. there custermer service help suxs. only thing there good for is buffing supplys and dyes.

there ano kits used to be better when they sold them with the glass fish tank heaters. shortly after i got mine they changed to the ceramics. cause i guess it was idoit proof on getting higher temps. never liked the ceramics.

so far i have had 3 ceramics break or roit away in tanks. and only broke one glass one do to me not paying attention and forgettingit on for a day or 2 and the water evaporated and the glass over heatted and shattered. oh well live and learn.

also it seems they don't mix special order colors now. and that sucks. when i requested a color i got a rude reply and a stupid answer like mix it your self or changeing the length in the dye changes the color.

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