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Originally Posted by spece108 View Post
Mar hated his STEM classes. Lol. ~361 fps. (~21.9 rods per sec)

3 ap. drams = 11.66 grams = ~ 180 grs or over 9 times our original weight. With only 11 joules to act on it and a .08 ballistic coefficient for a 50 cal round ball, it's going about the speed of smell.

If however Mar just quick keyed what I think he meant, 1/3 an apothecary dram, for he is a genius and did that perfectly off the top of his head. However, ballistic calculators seldom go under 500 fps. At 361 fps, ~150 yards at a 45 launch is a fair guess so right around 3/4 a furlong.

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haha thanks! My father and bother are both mathematicians... it skipped me... so will the 7.5 joule marker shoot 50 cal balls at close to legal speeds?
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