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Active players in Maine???

Hi folks, I'm trying to figure out if we're done and I should close my field or if I've just lost contact with hundreds of players that are still out there going. I've run my field since 1987. The last 10 years or so it's been really slow. So I thought I'd boost our Facebook presents, no results. Last week I did a search on here for players in Maine. I got back about 40. I know there are more but they didn't post a location so the search didn't pick them up. Out of the 40 I went through and checked and found out only 13 had on the site in the last 2 years. I sent a short PM to the 13 and only one gentleman responded, he only plays one game a year. I'm sure in the paintball hot spots everything is going well. But I'm trying to find out if it's dead in Maine or if it can be brought back.

I've got a full schedule of events this season, but they won't work if all we have left is "paper tigers". Once a season doesn't build anything. Where are the guys that hit the field 6-8 times a season??

So if you're a Maine player that gets out to ANY field more then once or twice a season check in. I could use a moral boost at this point. I hate to think I wasted 33 years of my life to try to keep paintball going.
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