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Thanks, Punkncat. I ran a poll on my facebook page. I asked if players would be willing to do a "paintball gangfight" That's an old term and nothing to be scared of. But what it would be is two fields working together. I would rally as many people as I could to go to the other field. My "team" would stay together and take on the home field players in a big format play style. Then in 4-5 weeks that field would bring their guys to my place to play. Basically an exchange program. But you get to play for the honor of the field etc. 20 years ago they were lots of fun. But you need guys that will commit to 2 games in a season. Over 400 people saw the poll, 15 said they would play. These are people on my fields facebook page, so they should be players or were? To make this work I'd like to travel with 50 players. That means I likely need 100 to say they would go. So if I extend the ratio I need to get this in front of 3000 people. The drive isn't in the players anymore. I'm afraid we older players that saw it born and struggle and knew it could die and go away. I think we were better at caring for the sport. The new players don't have the "personal investment" in the sport, because it was here when they arrived. I'll give it another year, but if I don't see an upturn in the numbers I can go get a minimum wage job and make more then the field brings in.
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