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Yeah, I think it's the new generation that has changed. I noticed the kids aren't as involved as before. We get school groups where kids come and play. Both High School and College. When they are here they have a great time. But they don't comeback on their own dime. So the sport is still fun, but the kids aren't as motivated as they were 10-20 years ago. Now in their defense they may not have jobs anymore. I would hire High School kids every summer to help but for 10 years I have a lot of trouble getting help. 4-5 years ago I called the guidance office at a local high school and asked them to let any of the kids looking for work know that I had job openings. The secretary said in just a bit of a snotty tone. "Oh you're one of those that thinks children should work in the summer" Yeah, things have changed. I worked from 13 on to get my own spending money moved out of the house at 18 and owned my own place free and clear by 25. I guess working didn't hurt me too much.

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