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Other possiblities

I've got about 12 big customers that generate 1/2 of the fields sales. Several of them are away games where the field isn't even needed. If I could cultivate another 8-10 of these type customer, I could close the field to the public and just do the big customers. Most of my labor is on rec play where I have to provide refs for groups that promise 10 but show up with 5. The Birthday groups I could still do as they are somewhat dependable and the bachelor party groups as well. The tourneys and scenarios I could do away with. They both require lots of prep and lots of labor to pull off.
I may just need to adjust my business model. I think this might be workable. If the rec player doesn't want to play, I may have to find a way to make a living without them???
This coming week, I've got to take one of the portable fields to a college for 4 hours of play. 120 miles of driving but I can run it with just one ref. Then on the weekend I have a longer trip of 230 miles to do a 150 player where they supply the refs. That will be a 18 hour day, but it will take another 18-20 hours to clean the gear and get ready to go again. But I can do that game by myself, so no labor other then me. I don't know, it's something to consider. Let me know what you think, I'm just thinking out load here kind of.
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