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Raffle at Slims for Splattttttt (with paypal option) Now with CCM, DBD AND CCI!!!

Folks, so far, because of your extreme generosity, we have raised $1170!!!! Thank you!!!

We will still be selling tickets at the event tonight and tomorrow.

Based on popular demand, the raffle will be broken into two drawings. One at lunch for smaller stuff (CCM, case of paint and maybe some more stuff) and maybe a gun or three, and then the big drawing after the game for the really nice stuff.this will allow people to maybe use some of the stuff they win at lunch in the afternoon session. And keep the afternoon raffle shorter so people can get home. I won't be there for the lunch drawing so please be kind to Wade or anyone else who helps him out. Take pictures for me.

As some of you may have heard, long time member splattttttt has undergone surgery and the start of treatment for throat cancer. There is currently a go fund me campaign going to help his family offset some of the medical costs.

If you can, it would mean a lot to myself and many long time members who personally know Jack, if you could throw money at the campaign.

As an alternative, if you are going to be at APE for Slims Stock class classic, I will be selling tickets to raffle off a pretty cool package. And guess what this changed!!! See the bottom of this post for prizes!!!

Tickets will be $10 each. All money will go to Jack. I will also have a card that people can sign.

For those that can not make the game, you can pm me for my paypal address to buy a ticket. Ticket sales via PayPal end Friday May 18. But, you must pay shipping if you win something. I don't want to use the raffle money towards shipping... and it's sound like there will be more than one prize. So as long as you are willing to pay for shipping, I will sell you ticket/s. I will pm you with your ticket numbers. Also, so my account doesn't get shut down, when you PayPal me, just say it's for splattttttt or Jack. Don't mention Raffle. Also, send the money as a gift/money to friend. Again you have until 11:59 PM Friday May 18 to buy tickets with PayPal. I need some time to organize things so I can sell tickets in person Saturday night.

I appreciate your generosity.

Thank you in advance.

WAtch this space for pics of Raffle Prizes.

We have almost $2000 in prizes (including at least ten guns!!!!!) committed at this point for this. I have received almost $800 in ticket money and cash donations. Lets support Jack!!!

We've got this Giant bag of Infinite holding (for local pickup only):

CCM has donated 5 Pump kits, 5 pump handles( black long and short, clear, blue and yellow) what looks to be a frame (it's wrapped), a couple of bolts, an internal parts, bottomline adapter, clamping feed neck and some other things!!!
Name:  20180507_194658.jpg
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SL-68's of various flavors including an original SL in the box

A Grey Ghost

Name:  20180510_195339.jpg
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Name:  20180510_195343.jpg
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DBD Products We'll see if someone gets into Mar's pants! He's also throwing in a couple harnesses... For paintball.

The purple Sterling
Name:  20180506_085956.jpg
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Name:  20180506_090007.jpg
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This brand new in the box RT Mag:
Name:  IMG_0143.jpg
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This wild pump Z-mag:
Name:  IMG_0215.jpg
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CCI is sending a Phantom

A case of Prestige Epic big bore paint (also local pickup)

And more!!!

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