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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
Unless you get really lucky, you might need to change to the new style reg. At best, you can hope for someone to sell a whole remote line kit but I’ve never seen anyone sell just the fitting.

If you upgrade to the new reg, it now has a port on the body that the fill nipple extension screws directly into, instead of the banjo fitting.
what really sucks is the marker was perfectly fine disassembled it to take some measurements to see if it would be worth removing the co2 puncture assembly & air line - there is actually quite a bit of room that is basically wasted space if you want to run strictly remote. When I reassembled it Mr. (Agent) Smith says it was probably crossthreaded I believe it was my overzealous overtightening but either way it broke the fitting - with no cash to replace it right now pretty well screwed - but I do have a now useless reg body, a large number of random air fittings and a set of taps so...

Originally Posted by CCMachinist View Post
When I started doing shells for my revolvers the apparent thing i noticed was the hole size in the cartridge controlled the velocity of my paint.
TL;DR hole size controls how fast balls get spent
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