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All that plus a scuba, 50 lb CO2 tank, and a Ninja Premium CO2 fill station for $250. I gave the bulk CO2 and fill station to Apamburn, kept the scuba. Sold the masks for $40, sold the Joy Division Angel (without the stock) for $250, sold the T2W stock for $75, the 2 RAM M4s for $150, traded the Superstocker plus $400 for a Retro 7. The A5 SAW got stolen out of my car, which I wasn't too bummed about honestly. I made off like a thief on that deal anyway.

This was second best:

$150 for that one. Sold the Y frame for $230, took the valve and body for a pump mag I'm building, got a standard R/F classic body and a composite frame and sold it for $120 IIRC?

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