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Phantom Dropout Feed Cap Idea

Project Complete

This is still in the rough draft stage; but I'm kicking around an idea for a basic project to get started in 3D modelling and printing. As you may know, the CCI one piece feed and dropout changer are so close together that the feed cap forces the feed tube upwards and places stress on the front screw. To resolve this, people have been taking a Dremel to their feed caps (and sometimes screwing them up to where they need to buy a new one). So, I'm looking to make a feed cap with the exact radius of the valve already removed from the feed cap. The trade-off is that you need to cut the feed gate to fit. I'm hoping that the stops I've placed where the cutout is will hold a cut feed gate in place. Otherwise, I may need to add small nubs to hold the loose feed gate in place. I'll be able to refine the design further once I actually get a printer. But I wanted to get some opinions on the idea and its implementation. Thanks.

Version 3.2

Version Updates
3.0 - Redesigned feed cap to eliminate the need to cut the feed gate.
3.1 - Fillet edges to remove sharp corners.
3.2 - Simplified internal geometry and rounded sharp corners.
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