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Originally Posted by Taylord1350 View Post
You could also design the cap to tilt upwards ever so slightly, making you not have to cut the gate,
That's a good idea. I'll look into that.

Originally Posted by Rainmaker View Post
Looks good man! The only comment I have for printing is that you will have to print with supports on in order to print the feed gate groove and the feed tube seat. Or you could fillet those edges and print without supports.
In your experience, how much of a PIA are removing supports?

Originally Posted by freedummy View Post
If you're going the 3d-printed route (and if your printer supports flexible filaments) you could also design a custom rubber gate that is held in place differently than the stock one. Maybe individual fingers that interlock into the cap?
I actually considered that. I may experiment with that idea further once I get comfortable with whichever printer I get.
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