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Whose Who at Slim's Spring Stock Classic

Ok, for everyone who attended the Spring Classic, here's your chance to put names to all the faces. As you may know, there was a plethora of MCBlebrities on hand. I've listed as many names as I could (note that some might be wrong cause I'm old and my mind is going), so i need your help to fill in the blanks. No need to cut and past the whole list - simply indicate the missing name and corresponding number, and I will add it to the master list on the OP. (Click on the image to enlarge it)


Also, can you let me know if anyone attended, but didn't play at all? Other than Walz and Titus, are there any players in the photo that didn't play? Or any players (other than Schmitti) who played, but aren't pictured? I'm trying to get an exact headcount of actual players.

0) Tony V. - APE
1) "Mr Idiot Box" a.k.a. Chucky Duckie
2) "dirtylittlemo"
3) "Peaches" a.k.a. Evan
4) "Madcat" a.k.a Rudy
5) "Broken One" a.k.a. Matt S.
6) "Doobie" a.k.a. Dylan B.
7) "itsachickthing", aka Teri Q / TQ (CDN)
8) Third of Five, a.k.a. Hugh (CDN)
9) "Rage" a.k.a. Sarah F. / Daughter of Third of Five (CDN)
10) "Willow" a.k.a Steve N.
11) "Obake/TooTall" a.k.a. Matthew
12) "cougar20th"
13) "Kreeper" a.k.a. CJ
14) Sean B.
15) "Titus" a.k.a. Titus
16) "Dirge" a.k.a Stephen R.
17) "Slim" a.k.a. Slim
18) "Born4Evil" a.k.a. Sean
19) "Alive"
20) "AnarchicArctic" a.k.a. JTC
21) "Moses"
22) "Pilisher"
23) Athena B.
24) "CapitalPaintball" a.k.a Capital Dave
25) Kevin K.
26) "Havoc"
27) "JonnyDread" a.k.a. Johnny
28) "a.greenleaf"
29) "BLachance75" a.k.a Brian
30) "Hellion360"
31) Derek B.
32) "ihatewipers" a.k.a. Dave L.
33) Hobbes
34) "TheFlounder" a.k.a. Wade (ended up not playing)
35) Mack (JonnyDread's brother, no username)
36) "netsurferdude2" a.k.a. Greg
37) "AntAssasin" a.k.a. Anthony
38) "Frank the Tank" a.k.a. Justin
39) "Badaim" a.k.a. Jim B
41) Griff T.
42) Nick
43) "Lurchess Monster" a.k.a. Wade's Brother
44) "NONOBLITUS" a.k.a. Chris
45) "TouchofGrey" a.k.a. Craig-O
46) "Mar" (CDN)
47) Bryson H.
48) "Chappy"
49) "Bigtuana"
50) Lucas S.
51) Duncan (CDN)
52) "The Great Equalizer" a.k.a. Pat
53) "DPrekel"
54) "DKV23"
55) "Painthappy" a.k.a. M.Carter Brown
56) "Walz"
57) Evan
58) "oldschool"
59) "Crowsfeast" (CDN)
60) "C5tek"
61) "Dukie" (CDN)
62) Jen P.
63) "Greenmtnphantom" a.k.a. Nish
64) "Lrrpie-CT" a.k.a Matt
65) Athena P.
66) "Tymcneer"
67) Patrick (Tyler's Dad)
68) "Rothstein" a.k.a. Mark
69) (Came with Vito)
70) Tyler
71) Vito D.
72) "chplnstone"
73) (Came with Vito)

Not Pictured:
74) "Schmitti" a.k.a. Erik
75) Charlotte (didn't play)
76) Mike (didn't play)
77) Scott - photography
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