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FrankW - Some of my 3D designs

Here are some items that I've designed over the past few years. So far I've been using Shapeways, and only ever order SLS or MJF prints. Don't ask me about supports or infill.

1. Cram-n-jam
This was one of my first projects. I actually wanted to make a feedblock to use with a phantom feedtube. The opening is tapered like a phantom feedblock, which makes it a cram-n-jam too. If it looks familiar, it's because Benji recently started printing these for sale.

2. Stickfeed
I decided I didn't like the look of the phantom feedtube, so made a complete stickfeed. (Also available from Benji.) My design utilizes phantom feedgates. Benji modified his to use a more economical gate.

3. T2 stickfeed
Basically the same stickfeed, but horizontal and can screw into a T2.

4. Stickfeed for right-offset Phantom
Both my phantoms are right-offset. Because the Phantom only uses one mounting screw, I had to go through a couple iterations in order figure out how to keep it from twisting. This is actually angled in slightly, so the opening is over the body.

5. Mini Buzzard open class feed block for Ego feednecks
This was the beginning of my Carter phase. I just thought it'd be fun to make an open class feed for my Buzzard. Then figured, why not make it compatible with a clamping feedneck.

6. Buzzard open class feed block for Ego feednecks
I made this for a friend. Same thing, but for collar style Buzzards.

7. Buzzard open class feed with square sight rail
Friend wanted a rail for a sight that he had.

8. Boxgun open right feed
Different friend had a box gun and wanted a right feed for it. This was kind of a bitch to get right. Some of the curves on the Boxgun rail are very "custom".

9. Sights for Buzzard dovetail
Still a different friend wanted some sights for his Buzzard. Front sight is designed for a HIVIZ.

10. Carter velocity adjuster tip
I needed a velocity adjuster for my Carter and had an extra Phantom adjuster. The back of this is hex to fit onto a Phantom adjuster.

11. Picatinny for Empire Trracer
A couple years ago I won a Walz Empire Trracer based, rifle-stock gun (Walz Christmas raffle). It didn't have a sight rail, so I made one and gave it a little height. While trying to decide what kind of rail to make I learned that weaver works on picatinny... and dovetail is not standardized!

12. Spacer for CCM thin frame and Hogue wraparound
I generally like Hogue wraparounds. I picked up a J2L with a thin 45 frame and when you put wraparound grips on them you get some squishiness around the ring finger and pinky. So I made some spacers. It took a few tries to get it to fit relatively seamlessly underneath the grips, but it was worth the effort.

My shapeways store:

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