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any miata owners ? Advice needed (update10/5/18)

Update 10/5/18. So my engin seems to have developed a solid knock. Itís mainly there at low rpm and seems to dissipate as it warms up. Sometimes itís teally bad sometimes itís non existent. Not sure what could cause it. I thought it was lifter tick but everyone at the car meet said engine knock.

Soo. I can either buy the exact same engine with the same mileage for 350or I can buy one that has been rebuilt for a turbo(over bored. Stronger pistons ect just waiting on the full parts list). But I have no clue what to look for when buying an engine. Any advice ways to check to see if the engine is good befor buying it?
Compression test can be done by hand if I remember correctly just need someone to crank it??

Also how would I be able to tell if the rebuilt one actualy has alll the stuff ?

Thanks yall

any miata owners? just bought a 1990 with 124k miles. needs a tune up and a valve gasket.

So engine is running lean without any error codes. It has obd1 so I wouldnít know how to pull the code anyways. The catalytic converters was completely melted so I need to replace it as well.

Fuel issue : running lean
Things I have tried: tested for vacuumed leaks replaced amf and filter. New fuel pump on the way with a new fuel filter. As well as a fuel rail and pressure reg
If that dosnt work next step: new fuel injectors. It will be the only thing I havenít replaced

On the todo list the parts are here just no time yet. Timing belt water pump ac delete possibly. Valve gasket re time engine

Things I have done in general. All fluids changed. Added fuel cleaner to gas tank.

Non engine related stuff. Brakes need adjusting and I need to find all the roof bolts and fasteners

Rant section:
Autozone is expensive as all hell. Fuel pressure reg. They wanted 123. Online the own ones are only like 50. So cheapo fuel pump they wanted 130. Bought a better brand one denso online for 80. Fuel injectors they wanted 90 a piece I need four I could buy an new engine for cheaper than replacing the injectors. Wtf.
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