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No more pegboard and the lighting isn't the best, but it's 114* outside so I think I am glad I took these in the shade. This is the rest of my current collection that isn't already in this thread somewhere else.

CCI Phantom. Need to get the matching barrel freak bored. Santa got me some c bored barrels I have been using when playing with this since the pistol Phantom project fell apart due to lack of funding and the wife discovering the stash.

Bob Long Protege (Alias lol). The only gun I own with batteries. It was blue, and in case you haven't noticed, I like blue.

I still can't get used to this gun. I short stroke the crap out of the eNMey every time I use it.

Tippman SL68II. Haven't gotten to air it up yet.

PPS Blazer. Haven't gotten to air this one up yet either.

I wanted to speed feed and a fasst changer, and Diomedes was selling those two parts plus a whole PGP for the same price as the parts. That's the story of why I have 2 PGPs currently.

STO. Once I get out of an ankle brace I will use it to shoot a few other members for sure. I haven't aired this one up yet either but I know it holds air. I pumped it and pulled the trigger and there was 100% still air in the marker. My wife didn't find it as funny as I did as we drove out of the parking lot.
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