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Originally Posted by JonnyDread View Post
Nice collection man, your old KAPP gave me a raging chub.
Thanks bud!

Originally Posted by Flonominal View Post
yeah that Walz pirate pgp... still upset about that one.
I'm really sorry... I didn't know until now that you had that stolen from you I hope that someday soon that police report goes through and something actually happens to help return your collection to you.

Originally Posted by pbyrne233 View Post
That Terminus makes me want to throw money into a new money pit. Nice collection!
Thanks man! I don't think I'll ever end up selling Terminus, it's just far too accurate of a shooter.

Originally Posted by Axel View Post
mattee's guns get pimped out hard

At least he treats them real nice when they pass through
No doubt!
Originally Posted by DPrekel View Post
Due to the high volume of requests, SPACH has been banned.

Have a nice day!
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