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CCI Phantom Rifle

I’ve got a few Phantoms and I’ve decided to let this one go; haven’t even played with it in this configuration. It works without leaks. It comes with a
•CCI 11” C Bored barrel (no insert included)
•Armson red dot
•Mossberg 500 stock with adapter
•Red hammer spring installed, will include a standard spring as well
•M16 grip with stock/bottom line adapter
•RTR Blade
•CCI T stock

Asking $375 OBO, I will cover standard shipping with tracking in the USA.


I would be willing to part it out as follows:

•Phantom with Mossberg stock $240
•Phantom with M16 grip, CCI stock and Blade $200
•Phantom with M16 grip $160
•CCI stock with RTR Blade, M16 grip, and grip with bottom line adapter $65
•Mossberg stock with adapter $100
• Armson sight $65

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