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Trilogy Comp 3-way Leak

So I got a Trilogy Comp autococker to mess around with and eventually convert into a pump. Right now, the 3-way leaks whenever the trigger is moving. If the trigger is resting or held back, the leak disappears. I've read that it might be because the orings in the 3-way are bad, the gun isn't timed correctly, or the lpr pressure is set incorrectly. Problem is, I'm a cocker newb and I don't know how to fix any of these issues, especially on a Trilogy where the components aren't externally adjustable. So, any advice?
Also I'd prefer not to spend any money on new parts because my plan was to get the Trilly and see if I like cockers, then sell it and get something a bit more customizable to upgrade and turn into a really nice shooter.
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