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All sponsorships are definitely not created equal. You can bet your @$$ I won't say which of my team's are which, but they range from getting a percentage off to getting them wholesale or donated for free for our charity events. I can tell you that some sponsors have been absolutely awesome, while there's one of our old sponsors that I'll never say a positive word about again.

The system itself is set up in a way that most people don't approach it in a business-like manner. If you don't know the metrics your team can provide for a paintball company, you're just hoping that they like you and they're helping you out purely at their discretion. If you can tell them how many followers you have on social media, how many views, how many likes, and then how many people acted off of that social media (did an act that you asked) , then you're starting to resemble a business and how you provide value to a company. It's how real-world sales are done B2B. When you can do that, rather than just saying 'oh, we play x tournies and every weekend at y, so people will see it,' then you're actually speaking from a perspective to provide tangible value. If you can give real numbers versus feelings, then you might get more out of companies you're asking to give you something that they really don't need to at all. You're at least speaking their language at that point.
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