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Now for the angels. Triple tube for life.

Adrenaline WDP Angel

These were designed by James Graley of Adrenaline paintball and anodized by Piers Wiggett of PK Selective Anodizing. Piers put out some absolutely beautiful anodizing patterns that rival today's best and some have yet to ever be reproduced on par (See thunderstruck). The marker is polished to a near glass finish, definitely had a lot of time put into it. There were about 300 Adrenalin Angel LCDs made. It was a truly custom Angel just like the Cobra. You could specify anodizing, milling, barrel, trigger frame, etc. The anodizing was usually done in batches of 4-5 guns. Pricing started at around $1,600 and went all the way up into the $3,000 range depending on what you wanted.

Impact Angel IR3

1/25 I believe. Made by Mark Costa of Impact Paintball, WDP’s first technician

Custom ano Angel Gat

Ano by ATMF
Virtue board (recently switched to enoch)
JDS lpr
Freak tip
Ultra lite barrel

Dynasty Cobra Mamba IR3 Team Gun

With dragon tattoo in place of the usual cobra tattoo. (1 of 12 made for the team)
I think this one belonged to Brad Maughan

Rasta Angel A4 Fly

Rasta G7 Fly

Miami Rage Angel A1

Full Force Factory Angel A4 Fly

Dark Angel IR3

Dark Angel 2K LCD

05 angel speed

03 Angel Speed

First angel I ever shot so I have a soft spot for it


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