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Other Rarities

1 of 9 Thunderstruck Adrenaline Shocker XLS with matching CVO frame

Thunderstruck ano done by caustic customs. Iconic ano pattern

2006 Stockholm Ignition Macdev Cyborg (1 of 15 Team Guns)

Regency Crome 2

1 of around 30 in the US. This company was founded by members of Stockholm ignition (see the above marker). The team began making their own markers and left their sponsorship with macdev. Some say there were some fishy things going on but I’ve never seen anything confirmed.

2005 Destructive Customs Milled MacDev Cyborg

Not many of these were done by Jared, I've heard it's 1 of 7.
Virtue board, red laser eyes

ICD Naughty dogs freestyle

Freeflow Trauma Matrix DM3

Palmers Reg

Adrenaline Impulse

Milled Evil Pimp

Used by John Dresser on Evil Factory Team
Elia Paintball or Ballers Inc (Daveczrn) did the milling I believe
WAS Board
Hybrid button on/off
Shocktech regulator
Hybrid verdikt lpr
Lucky air assist valve
Stainless steel hammer/bolt pin
Shocktech detent mod done by theboss33
Evil double blade trigger
EFT frame

Milled 2007 Evil Minion

Another milled gun from John Dresser
UL frame
Lucky UN1 board
Milled Hyper 2 Regulator
Virtue Chip

Evil NXT Shocker

Evil Pimp

Titanium Karnivor

Planet Eclipse Ego SL74

Planet Eclipse Ego SL8R

Naughty Dogs intimidator

2007 Macdev Cyborg

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