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Originally Posted by JonM View Post
Which slicer are you using? I've had nothing but trouble with PETG lately. In fact, I had to tear apart my hot end last night to clear a nasty jam. When it does print, I get so much stringing. I've played with travel speeds, retraction, temperatures, fan speeds and I forget what else. Care to share your settings?
I have a Flashforge, Flashprint is their in-house slicer. I struggled with others (in general, not filament-specific issues), but this works great with my Creator Pro. For PETG, I'm just using a slightly modified PLA profile - edited only the temperature and extrusion multiplier. I'll grab a screenshot of the settings when I get home for more detail.

I do cold-pulls with nylon to clean my nozzle every time I change filaments, have foam-filters on every roll to keep dust out of the hotend, and the all-metal hotend upgrade from Microswiss. Every roll is kept in a Ziploc with desiccant packs. If a roll lasts more than a couple months, I dehydrate them in the oven for a few hours. Less of a concern with PETG, but critical for filament like nylon which needs it prior to every use. Print on borosilicate glass with purple Elmer's gluestick, most parts pop off on their own when the bed cools. If the glue has sat for more than a day, I give it a spray with some Isopropyl alchohol to reactivate it. Very rarely have to reapply, only when enough of the glue has transferred away with prints to reveal bare glass.
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We don't do easy here! Here we do different and not done before!
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