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I has someone here ask if I could print a test piece to determine if the dimensions are correct... One of the two has a hole where the threads belong, and the second, on a whim, has the 10-32 threads printed in the hole. Surprisingly, they were really close to being usable. I decided to run a tap through to chase the threads, and all I cut was a very light dusting of shavings. The Creality Ender 3 is remarkably accurate.

Some specs on the print...
ZYLTech black PLA
200C hot end
60C bed
60 mm/s print speed
200 mm/s travel speed
0.1 mm layer height ( that makes a world of difference)
7 mm retraction

Printed on the Creality Ender 3 with the borosilicate Creality glass bed, and an improved fan duct.

On to the eye candy...

The same person also asked that I attempt an angled version of the same piece. I assumed that the part was going to turn out badly, as there is usually a terraced effect whenever there is a slope to be printed...

I was very pleasantly surprised. The entire piece came out looking far better than I would have expected.


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