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I don't know how I learned about paintball, I guess one of the many kids in my neighborhood had one or something. Around 2008 or so when I was in the 6th or 7th grade one of my classmates had a birthday at Paintball Central down in South Carolina, about an hour south of my hometown. I went and played with a big group of my classmates, just us, and had a blast. I got my parents to buy me a 98 custom starter pack for my birthday, but never really did much other than shoot in the backyard. I was much more into gaming at that point.

Two years later at the beginning of the school year me and some friends on the school cross country team were sitting around talking after practice. They were all talking about paintball, which they had been playing all summer. They asked if I wanted to go. We went to a different field, Behind Enemy Lines, the only one in my hometown and the only one that wasn't almost an hour away. It was a nice woodsball-only setup that was mostly regulars. Milsim was all the rage there, everyone shot Tippmanns and BT's. In the last game of the day, one of the regulars there lent me his A-5 with cyclone and e-trigger. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. My birthday was earlier in the summer, but I didn't ask for a present then, so my parents ordered me an Alpha Black kit, complete with etrigger, cyclone, pod pack that held the tank too, and remote line. I bought an Invert Helix mask so I would actually be able to see, and hit the field the next weekend. I had a blast with that gun, eventually adding an apex barrel. However, the guys that originally invited me to play began to start getting into electros, getting DP and PE guns. I thought they were the coolest things ever, since no one else at the field shot them. I saved and saved until I had the money to get a used 2k5 Alias, Halo, Steelie air tank, and a better mask. I played with that setup for a long time, and learned so much abut guns from building that Alias up (I actually was really into intimidators and built a handful around this time). This was all around 2010 and 2011.

Eventually we had made new friends from being at the field every Saturday, and had a core group of about 15-20 guys who played every week. We were really good friends with the field staff, and I even head reffed there some when the regular guy wanted to play. Despite most of us shooting electros, there were plenty of mech, milsim, magfed, and pump guys, and we all had a great time (electros and pumps playing together?? Waaaaa?!?) It was heaven on earth. Easily one of my favorite childhood memories and I cherish that field and the people I met there.

In 2013 and 2014 I started playing local tournaments with a team called Crowntown Bombers. These were all guys I met playing at the further away fields that had speedball. Tournament ball kinda burnt me out, I missed the group I had at Behind Enemy Lines. Eventually due to me getting burnt out, BEL changing ownership, and all of my friends quitting, I took a break.

Now that I'm in college and working a great job, I've been playing regularly. I bought a new loadout for tournament ball off the Facebook and PBN BST's, and am currently building my first autococker pump. I have the opportunity to try and play with the NC State team some this coming fall, and my motivation to get out and play has never been higher. I've made new friends that play local and it's just like old times, except that we can't play at BEL anymore...
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