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Wtb dye hinge frame

Ok, this is going to sound insane... for a variety of reasons.

I need a dye hinge frame for an autococker. I would prefer it to be blue/clear dust fade, but I donít think that I am going to find one. Blue, clear, black, pink or whatever you have might just be close enough. Double finger, single finger, I am not picky. I am restoring a 2k2 dye reflex blue to clear fade, the hard way, for no apparent reason other than that I had a poster of one on my wall in 2002 and that I told myself that I would have one- one day. I have my grubby hands on just such a body, albeit beaten, battered, scarred, and worthy of a burial at sea...

Yes- I know this is a difficult request, I am just putting it out there.

Yes- I know dye frames, especially dye hinges, suck. I would be better served by a slider frame. Should you happen to have a blue/clear fade slider frame, please shoot me a pm.

For those of you born after 2002, this is the overall big picture of what I am restoring:
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