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Originally Posted by ProtoNY View Post
Old thread or not, I still agree with a lot of the sentiment, and am not opposed to modified stock class, either. It is still "close" to the intent of a pure stock class, in that choosing your shots and reload timing are critical skills, and it still requires a different strategy from open class that hearkens back to the roots of the game.

I have always found the evolution of the game to be fascinating, like the introduction of direct feed, the first double-actions, autotriggers, mechs, and then electros. As much as possible, I prefer to play the front half of that list, as much as possible - it is normally just being able to find the time and place to do that, which represents a problem. Granted, for me, a good part of that is logistical due to family obligations related to me being a caregiver, as well.
Good opinion on both the evolution and what the actual meaning of SC represents.
At splattttttt land all our gavems were a combined element. Though most, like 99.99% all brought pumps to use, we were not opposed to let someone use a semy auto albeit a mech or an e. We just kindly asked that they load each shot by hand or muzzle load
As long as we could restrict the semi auto function, you were allowed to play.
Splattttttt land was is an outlaw field.
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