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I want to reply but not get off topic, so I apologize if this missed the mark.

I had the opposite experience, sort of. I have always loved the idea of pump, I’m not going to say you guys are better ballers because, obviously different skill sets come with different styles. Example being, snap shooting. I was in the fort at EMR one year and a guy was shooting fully auto (you think semi electro is too easy...phew), so after he paints the side of the fort the guy next to me, pump gun in hand, jumps up, fires one shot to the kids face, and we carry on. Amazing. But I digress.

I finally get around to playing pump with my sweet CcM, cold as ice sniper and a borrowed 50rnd hopper. I make my way out to the field. The speedball type course first, I’m staying back, getting the feel for the marker. See a head. Pop a shot. Miss. Repeat. I get recruited by a group on a mission to head into the woods and follow. We get ambushed, but a few of us survive and continue pushing on. We arrive at the other end of this enormous field to protect a flag. A few small fire fights leave us and the other group that was there pretty small. They know we’re there and three guys come up from the side I’m
Guarding. I do my best to defend, but it’s three electros vs me. I hide a bit to try to ambush them, but it’s just woods and they know where I am. Needless to say, I get absolutely lit up and left to walk all the way back across the field.

I walk out, swap in my angel (I shoot mostly old electros) and sell the sniper as soon as I get home.

Pump is one of those things I want to love so badly, but I find to be mostly ineffective with the style in which I play and move through the fields.

I shoot mech too, it’s strictly pump I can’t get a feel for.


In direct response to your story though, I suggest you buy a cheap/mid level electro.
You’ll find yourself playing a completely different game, and if you’re up against other electros, it really isn’t “too easy.” I’m definitely going to give pump another try, I just require a unique pump marker.... because that’s really my style... old and/or unique...’more than type of shooter. Ha.
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