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I've been playing for 7ish years (which is nothing compared to some of you guys). It took me like an year to try pump, then I got hooked. I play a large mixture of Stock Class, Open Class, and Electro.

Anyways my experience is that pump was really pretty difficult for walk ons early, but I still really enjoyed the challenge. I eventually joined a speedball team and that is when my skill level became so much higher though, and I never left D5. Health issues arose, the team dissolved instantly. I sold electro gear, and went pump and mech exclusive walk on play for the last 2years'ish. I only recently picked up an Axe. However I felt pretty dang potent with my pump gun, only a handful of days where we had the overzealous "Im a speedballer" electro players where I really regretted not having an electro. I only recently picked up an axe for those days for those players.

If I were you and needed an electro fix, I would start trying to find speedball practice on certain days. You will learn a ton really quick. When you go back to playing walk ons you will find an electro overkill 90% of the time to the extent where it gets boring (varies on field a little bit) and crave your pump again. I went 12 and 1 with my T2 last saturday, I should probably have brought my stock class. The game will get really boring if you don't challenge yourself imo. Also just destroying people is also unfun to the other players lol.

Nothing is more gratifying than the 1 ball snap with a pump though. Something I never felt with any semi-auto.
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