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Anti-rollout fingers/detents - AC,VM68,CCI,Shocker,Trracer,Spyder

Something I've been meaning to make up for a long time -

Love old-school large-bore barrels but can't stand the rollouts? Bore-sizing inserts too much investment?

Get your closed-bolt fix with anti-rollout fingers! The fingers are TPU, flexible and insanely durable and reinforced with PETG - stands up to the most vigorous of swabbing! Drop into the marker and screw on your favorite old-school barrel; securely centers each ball in the bore, no more roll-outs with tiny modern paint!

* Not recommended to use with certain breach-drop markers (ie: WGP Ranger, beveled Carters) with no internal shoulder to pinch the insert against the barrel.
*VM68 detent comes with spacer rings in the event your original brass ones were lost.
*PMI Trracer/ACI Maverick fingers come with an additional spacer - this piece screws onto the barrel first (it's purposefully a tight fit, I recommend gloves)

Autococker/AC - $1.50ea
VM68 (w/spacers) - $2.00ea
PMI Trracer/ACI Maverick (w/spacer) - $2.00ea
CCI - $1.50ea
Shoebox Shocker - $1.50ea
Spyder - $1.50ea
OG Sterling thread - $1.50ea

Add $3usd shipping/handling per order. 2-piece minimum order.

Standard lettermail, will ship out twice a week. Transit time is averaging 10 business days from Canada to USA. Expect longer delivery around the holidays, please.

Paypal: freedummy at gmail dot com


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We don't do easy here! Here we do different and not done before!
Stuff for sale: Anti-rollout fingers
My feedback: MCB / eBay

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