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so i bought a trracer.....

as the title implies, i bought a trracer off a guy here on mcb.

it has the SS bolt, which i am happy about for longevity's sake. and i have no intentions of doing nay real "upgrading" to it to speak of, but every gun needs a good barrel.

im looking for suggestions, based on what yall like on your trracers and why.

i am kind of a keep it simple guy, and am committed to a single one piece barrel. (i am open to the idea of a larger bore and like one lapco sizer, but thats about as far as it goes.) i am currently rocking a .681 tight stick on my go to gat a second gen azodin KP and loving, and killing it.

this will be my first nelson, and am interested in what length/bore/amount of porting/etc you guys like and why. from handling to personal aesthetics.

i plan on running a 13ci or a 12g changer depending on the day. and am comitting to the back bottle when i run the 13.

SUGGEST AWAY! i want as many as possible!
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