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Originally Posted by Rainmaker View Post
I ended up printing these for Otnasir. It have me a chance to torture test my new printer with ABS. Man did I get a lot of warping at first! Attachment 64697

But finally got it dialed in, and they came out pretty nice. On the final print, I ended up making the spider logo a little bigger, and rounding the corners a bit to help keep it from lifting off the bed mid-print print.
Attachment 64698

Will be shipping them today!
what printer are you using?
its all about the bed leveling and getting your first layer perfect, it is of course the most important. depending on you machine i can get you tuned up.
and depending on you software you are using for slicing.

the models from thingiverse you are getting a modifying, you are printing and shipping these to people for free correct?
i dont want to start helping and printing things for people if you already have this locked down.

edit i saw from another post your printer.
how many printers are you using?
printed things here i make and offer:
The Facebook group:
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