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WALZ Pirate KP - Tiger Stripe & Freak Bored - Price Drop

Hello everyone

WALZ Pirate KP loaded with features for sale!

Features and goodies that come with the gun:
-Freak Bored
-Quick-strip bolt
-Ball detent
-CCI Style bucket changer
-Mount for an angled ASA or tank
-Palmers angled ASA
-Extra hammer spring and valve spring

I was wanting turn this into a lever action project but decided I’d rather sell it. I believe this is a product of WALZ but not 100% sure on that. I don’t have the messages from the previous owner to confirm whether I’m remembering that correctly or not. <- Thanks Mar for clearing that up!
The gun airs up without leaks and it was shooting 300 fps no problem on labor day weekend with 12ies.

Price: $550 OBO Shipped to continental US - We can negotiate Alaska/Hawaii or international shipping
Trades: Will consider the following parts + cash
-Purple CCM standard pump handle
-Phantom open class feedneck
-Apocalypse phantom springfeed/dualpheed
-CCM 86* Phantom Frame
-Rockerpaintball Phantom roller trigger+spring kit
-Purple CCM Macroline Fittings
My mcb feedback!

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