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Ya the Turbo valve is limited by the valve spring options. The weakest spring setup will allow most builds to cycle, but it'l be more difficult to get up to velocity. I honestly think the EKO valve is a little better flowing and it has a dedicated blow back channel so it might work better at low pressure high volume.

The striker and bolt may also need "tuning" ie. weight reduction, in order to promote cycling.

Once you get under 300 psi you start hitting limits. It's still doable but you'l need to try a lot of spring combinations. Sometimes a weak valve and very strong striker spring are needed, and other times the stock valve and weak striker spring works perfectly.

The best way to start this is set the Regulator to what you want, then start with a weak valve and weak striker spring and see what happens. Find out which setups cycle reliably, which require a ball in the chamber to cycle, and which get close to field velocity.
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