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Originally Posted by Walking Stick View Post
I'd be checking for leaks first. If you can get under it, with a bucket of soapy Dawn water, drench it section by section and look for bubbkes as a tell tale sign of a leak.

Second, are there any check engine lights? If so, any autoparts store can read the code causing it. My thought is your catalytic converter may have blown out (happened to me this spring after one of my cats suffered an impact).
I've had a check engine light on for about a year now. I have a bluetooth adaptor to check the code, and last I did, it was a gas cap code. I replaced the cap, and it worked for a while, and then the code persisted. I have ignored it since then. Maybe time to look again? And should it be on while I'm under it with the water?

Originally Posted by somethingbenign View Post
I have an Aveo as well and when my O2 sensor went out I had similar issues. Just a heads up if you haven't had any coolant related issues yet keep an eye out. Leaks in the coolant system has been by far the biggest issue with my Aveo. One way to tell if you may have a coolant leak is if your heat starts to go out, at least that is what happened to mine.
I replaced an O2 sensor once before. No coolant issues that I am aware.
Originally Posted by WORR13 View Post
sounds like u have an exhaust leak somewhere. most likely rusted/worn out section of pipe
I'll take a look under it for sure then.
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