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Orange axe with redline, shaft 4 barrel, boss bolt, freak tip and more.

Sunburnt orange axe with redline board, shaft 4 barrel, freak tip, cp asjustable clamping feedneck, parts kit, and infamous boss bolt. Gun shoots great, was just teched. It does have some breach wear and scratches but all of them are surface scratches with no sharp edges or anything. Pm me for a Shooting video.

$240 SOLD shipped/pped firm

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First thing you want to do with your balls is keep them cool, hot balls expand, and then when your balls contract again when they cool down they dont take the same shape, so you end up with odd shaped balls. Also keep your balls moving, if your balls sit on one side for more than a week your balls start to dimple, thats not good for your balls, give your bag a shake every now and again to make sure your balls are okay.

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