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A4 fly collecting dust. For trade or sale. Price drop!

Saddly putting my a4 fly up today, it’s been sitting on the wall collecting dust for a bit now. The battery is dead and will need to be replaced, board powers up with a charger but has some dead pixles. Would be great to 9v mod or just replace the original. Besides that the gun is next to flawless. It holds air no leaks on a LP (400psi) tank.

Mostly looking to just see if anyone has any cool trades that will make me want to hit the field so offer away on trades!

Cash price: SOLD!!!!!! to your door. PayPal only. Cp on off asa not included!

Possible trade interest.
Dm3s private label preferred
Icd markers must be private label or some nice custom
Older single trigger angels.
Private label autocockers. Older is better.
Tribal addicted.
Anything aka.
Maybe some nice brass.
You get the point old stuff.

I don’t want your ions or egos or matrix’s newer than 03. No new little


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