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Gearbag Sale - Lots of stuff

Looking to unload most my gear, not playing as much anymore so looking to keep it to one set up to get out when I do.

Everything is obo, shipped and pp'd

Empire Axe Pro (boss bolt/stock/black) $300
Shocktech SFT (stock board, NDZ bolt/guide) $350 firm on this one
Angel LCD (untested/as is) $175
Evil Omen (leaking) $75

Empire Prevail Pants (L) $50
Empire Prevail Jersey (L) $35
Dye C6 Pants (L) $50
Dye C6 jersey (L) $35
Empire Knee Pads(L) $20
Empire Elbow Pads (L) $20
SP Girl Barrel Bag $35
Gloves both for $15
Valken headband $15
Blue pod pack $20
JT 68 tank cover $15
Empire Eflex $50
JT Flex (no lens) $45
Blue Halo hopper (needs new shells) $20
Black halo (hater board inside) $50
Empire z2 with speedfed $50
JT gun bag $15
bob long tank (dead but still cool)$offer
crossfire tank thats dead in 2 years $offer

If I missed anything, let me know and and offer on it

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